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Pinguin - Hang out easily

4.2 ( 5072 ratings )
ソーシャルネットワーキング エンターテインメント
開発者 Stagewise IVS

Get together with your Facebook friends easily with Pinguin!

Aiming to simplify the bringing together of people in this modern day and age, Pinguin serves as a quick way to get a word out to your friends and acquaintances about something happening right now! Pinguin is the essential way to arrange spontaneous events with your friends while avoiding multiple unanswered phone calls, spammed group conversations and ignored texts.

We’ve all been there. Just a regular day, no plans and nothing to do, but suddenly you get an idea! Why don’t you and your friends hang out tonight? You could hit the town, grab some coffee, watch the game or maybe just chill at home! But texting or calling everyone takes too long and makes it too troublesome. Why isn’t there an app for that?

Well now there is! Pinguin allows you to create spontaneous events happening at a moment’s notice! You just create a Ping; send it to your desired group of friends; and they’ll receive notifications that they need to respond to if they don’t want to miss out.

Instead of wasting hours trying to get a hold of everybody by calling or texting, use Pinguin to quickly and easily get people together for a beer out on the deck, a quick warmup before hitting the town, a massive house party or whatever else you feel like doing!